Sweet Home is also engaged in a sacred task of rehabilitation of missing kids. In this journey, with the help of minor clues only, we have achieved success in locating the families of 8 children.



  1. The very first case is of a child whose native land is Tamil Nadu which we predicted through his spoken language. To understand his language we arranged an interpreter who helped us to get more clues about his native place.

    Times Newspaper helped us in locating his parents by providing the information in their ‘missing column’. This also activated the state officials. They provided an air ticket for the child and Mr. …………. , MP of Tamil Nadu personally came to receive the child at the airport and handed over him to his parent. The credit for this success goes to Mr. Avinash Jain, Mr. Shiv Kumar and other members of Sweet Home.
  2. A 3 years old boy was found by police near by drain who then left him in the ashram. Mr. Avinash Jain sent the boy along with his driver and Sweet Home’s cook to the same place. They wander through all the streets and by God’s grace reached his home.

    After inquiring we got to know that his mother left him intentionally. The reason being, after her husband’s death her parents forced her for remarriage and this child was becoming an obstacle. Knowing this, our president asked the driver to bring the child back, leaving the address with his mother. But her love for the child, made her to come back and now they are living together.
  3. A child named……….. was handed over to us by Najafgarh Police. After talking to him, we came to know that he belongs to somewhere near Filmistan. Our president gave the responsibility, of finding his family, to Mr. Shiv Kumar. In the light of information provided by the child, Mr. Shiv successfully located his parents. Today the child is living happily along with his parents.
  4. An 11 year old boy came to us through Najafgarh Police Station. After exchanging few words we got to know that he belonged to the U.P region. Our president along with his friend Arun, gathered the information about that area. After this, the child was sent with Mr. Satish Dalal, who traveled all the way to reach the destination and finally with the help of police handed over the child to his grandparents.
  5. A 5 year old boy came to us through Najafgarh Police Station. He always used to score 1st position in his class and was a fabulous dancer. One day, while playing in a park, he told one of his friends that he lives in Sweet Home and got misplaced 5 years back. His friend told him that there is a couple living nearby his house, which also lost their child 5 years ago. Fortunately, the child resembled the couple. So, without any delay, we took the necessary steps and with the help of police we handed over the child to his parents. This was our 5th achievement.

    The above achievements inspired us to move ahead on the same splendid path. As soon as we realized, we prepared a questionnaire containing requisite questions to be asked from missing ones. We circulated them in many other orphanages too.
  6. One of the responses came from an orphanage in Mahavir Enclave about a 15 year old girl who got misplaced at the age of 7. She just had little memories about her village and a near by railway station. Mr. Avinash used his contacts and forwarded the information to his friends in Bihar and Jharkhand. One of his friends Mr. Jain in Patna was able to find out her family. Then without any delay we contacted them and her brother immediately approached us with the required legal documents. After going through the necessary legal procedure we handed over the girl to her brother.
  7. A girl child named Nisha was staying in Sweet Home from 9 years. She came to us through Najafgarh police station. 2 years ago, she told us that she belongs to a region nearby Gaya and she can recognize her house and place. Every year Mr. Avinash Jain along with his family visit a pilgrimage, Shikarhji, nearby Gaya, so they took the girl along with them and on arriving Gaya railway station she recognized this place but didn't disclose about it to anyone.

    After one year when she visualized that numerous children have been rehabilitated successfully, she saw a ray of hope, and told Mr. Avinash Jain about it. After listening to her Mr. Avinash Jain sent Nisha along with the watchman and lady cook to Gaya. Three of them wandered for her home and after 2 days they were successful in finding her house but grievously her parents had moved around to some other place.

    But getting apt information from the nearby families, they reached to her parents. After reaching their, we got to know that she was the only child to her parent. Seeing her daughter they jumped with a never ending joy. And finally, they all came to Delhi.
  8. 8th achievement by sweet home about search home. On 08/02/2010 We find the home of a lost girl child.