Sweet Home is indulged into inculcating moral values in the girls we nurture and support them in raising above all the myths prevalent in the society as well as come out successfully with flying colours.

Sweet Home Anathalaya propagates on the following unique concepts/ projects: -

  1. 1) Maika: - Sweet Home Anathalaya's "Maika" provides free accommodation, food and all daily facilities to every woman who is suffering from Domestic Violence and who has no arrangement for food. Along with this, if they need time & counselling for adjustment in their families, then there is also a system of free counselling.
  2. 2) Self Sustain Home (Boys Home): - It is for those orphan boys who need shelter and help/support till they become self-sufficient. We support to arrange rented home as needed, finance and ration help. Work as guardian.
  3. 3) Help Young Girls: - Any orphan girl who is 18 years of age or above can stay here and can avail free accommodation, food, clothing, education etc. till the completion of her education or course, and until she becomes self-sufficient after getting her job. We also pay their vocational course fees and Sweet Home Sangam try to get the placement.
  4. 4) Child Adoption Campaign: - Those Children who are 100% orphans and live in any other children home. According to the Juvenile Justice Act, they have to stay in the children home till the age of 18 years. Then they have to leave that shelter. Our efforts to arrange guardian for them who can bear the cost of their living, food, clothing and education, etc., till they become self-reliant. The Sweet Home Sangam will act as a bridge between the child and the guardian.
  5. 5) Ration Service: - Provide ration, education and health related assistance to needy children ashrams, old age homes, night shelter etc. where night stay facilities are available.
  6. 6) Free Trading: - By collecting usable old items from donor and forward it to the needy free of cost.
  7. 7) Sangam Path lab: - 90% DISCOUNT on blood tests, other test such as X-ray, ECG, MRI, and other medical tests, OPD, free eye operations and other tests by Sweet Home and associated NGO.
  8. 8) Home for Needy: - Sweet Home and its associated NGO provide all facilities to every needy person without any Gender/ Age/ Religion discrimination, free home for all human being who are abandoned, insane, old people who have been thrown out of family by their children and does not have shelter to live, no food to eat, no job, no hope, no family.
  9. 9) Family Foster Care: - Children who have lost their parents in a calamity/ pandemic or any unfortunate circumstance and have no means of running their day-to-day life, we from sweet home provide them complete support like home rent, electric bills, food, clothing, education in spite of sending them to the orphanages or to relative’s home. We take responsibility to keep their life going on as it was till, they become self-depended.

The focus is not simple childhood survival only, but through education, our ultimate goal is to shatter the cycle of poverty, allow our Sweet Home Children to do extremely well in their lives and rise above the norms of the society.


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